Editing and proofreading are topics often covered on the internet.  If you’re a fan of our blog you will see ‘The Nitpicker’ appearing on a couple of posts. I will tell you who she is if you have a mind to read on.

From an early age, the English language fascinated me. Hardly surprising that writing, editing and proofreading became a passion. My journey began as a teenager in writing groups, then to the legal sector where I became a skilled editor and proofreader.

I now have 27 years’ experience of the seven Cs. Clear, coherent, complete, concise, consistent, correct, credible content. I have a great affinity with the written word and love what I do.

Am I proud to be a nitpicker and word nerd? Hell, yes!

I’ve achieved success in editing and proofreading a range of projects including:

  • political flyers
  • legal and environmental science assignments
  • legal documents
  • medical works
  • websites
  • blogs
  • magazine/newspaper articles
  • short stories
  • novels/novellas
  • works of non-fiction

I have also composed style guides, an essential tool in the publishing and literary world.

My love for writing includes:

  • writing several short stories
  • penning magazine articles
  • creating blog posts
  • composing web content
  • collaborating on chick lit, dark satire, and horror works

I am also writing the first in a series of eight YA fantasy novels.

My attention to detail means completed tasks deliver quality results. I edit and proofread on both paper and screen using British or American English. I engage with clients; when you hire me, you get a sociable, skilled professional, not a CV.

When not writing or picking nits, I enjoy:

  • reading
  • yoga
  • music
  • walking
  • cooking
  • museums
  • theatre
  • comedy clubs
  • quiz shows
  • dining out
  • travel
  • the great outdoors

I love animals and like a nice drop of wine (especially red). My zany sense of humour can be infectious and it’s great to be in the company of family and friends. Oh, and as part of my insatiable hunger for words, I try to add a new gem to my stock every day. Now, that’s what I call a devoted word nerd!

You can check out our editing and proofreading services here

Until next time…

The Nitpicker

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