Denis Redmond

Denis Redmond (Whisper Publishing author)

Denis Redmond

Engineering graduate, Denis Redmond served in the Army before moving into engineering management. He worked in the Middle East for several years, namely in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. His writing career began in Singapore while still in the army, initially writing in journals and magazines before publishing his first book, Hawthorn’s Hill in 2015.

Launching in January 2020, his latest novel The Leak involves tragic deaths, the secret manufacture of a modified nerve agent and the often-conflicting efforts of the police, Security Service, a security company investigator, and the press to uncover the truth.

Featuring two characters from The Leak – Dennis Royle, a security company investigator and Julia Havers, an investigative journalist – Abandoned, Denis’s current work in progress tells the story of a missing female MI5 agent. Royle and Havers strive to find the girl in an atmosphere of distrust, institutional deceit, and obstruction.

When not writing, Denis enjoys spending time with his horses in dressage and eventing competitions, playing music (rather badly) and keeping a watchful eye on his dogs, Jenson, and Chelsea.

MUSIC CREDIT: Our gratitude and appreciation for Paul Keane’s Invasion.

The Leak (front cover) by Denis Redmond (Whisper Publishing)

Scheduled for global release on 30th January 2020

Rejection of a huge donation to the government, an animal rights raid and six unexplained deaths. What is the connection?

In a small community, six unexplained deaths baffle police. Could an excessive donation to the government from chemical giant Biomed hold the answer? Biomed’s Chairman asks ‘security consultant’ Dennis Royle to investigate. Will Royle make the connection?

Central to the deaths, the police discover a modified nerve agent. Biomed denies involvement. To protect the families of the deceased, the police place them under house arrest. Meanwhile, a leaked letter to the local rag sets young reporter Stuart Francis on the trail. His findings bring in Julia Havers, an investigative journalist from a national newspaper. She and Dennis Royle team up to tackle the mystery.