Frank Malley

Frank Malley, Whisper Publishing author

Frank Malley

A journalist by profession, Frank worked with the Daily Express for 15 years as a columnist and deputy sports editor. As chief sportswriter with The Press Association for 17 years, he covered the Olympic Games, World Cups in football and rugby, and top events in golf, tennis, and motor racing.

He was shortlisted for Columnist of the Year in the Sports Journalists’ Association awards and took to writing books after becoming a freelance. Inspired by his part-time charity work transporting cancer patients for radiotherapy, his novel, When the Mist Clears has thrown up some wonderful, inspiring characters.

Published books:

Living on the Deadline: The memoir of a global sportswriter (Pitch Publishing, 2014).

Simply the Best: The inside story of how Wigan became rugby’s greatest cup team (Pitch Publishing, 2017).






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Scheduled for global release on 15th April 2020

A story of courage, friendship and love

While receiving his Journalist of the Year award, a panic attack prompts war correspondent Dan Armitage to evaluate his career. Volunteering as a driver transporting cancer patients, Dan meets four people who realise they share a quirky wit, soaring optimism, and unexpected love for life and each other. Battling through the scariest time of their lives, the friends make a pact to meet up in a year – if they are still alive.

During the difficult months, Dan witnesses a savage beating, dragging him into a world of drugs and crime that has consequences for them all.

Humorous, poignant and life-affirming, When the Mist Clears is a contemporary story of grit, camaraderie, and love in the shadow of adversity.