Latest Whispers

The Leak, Denis Redmond (Whisper Publishing)
When the Mist Clears, Frank Malley (Whisper Publishing)
Billy Lemonade, Sarah J Maxwell (Whisper Publishing)
Lottery Loveboat, Mel Penrose (Whisper Publishing)

Denis Redmond

The Leak

Released in February 2020, Covid-19 halted the book’s promotion. Wrapped in a …

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Frank Malley

When the Mist Clears

An inspiring story of voluntary driver, Dan Armitage who meets four brave …

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Sarah J Maxwell

Billy Lemonade

Author Sarah J Maxwell’s Billy Lemonade launched on 20 January 2021 …

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Mel Penrose

Lottery Loveboat

The first edit of our four-stage process continues with a view to launching this …

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Kathy Gates

Keira in Rome

Uncovered on 1 December, the face of author Kathy Gates’s cosy mystery

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Bathgate & Hall


Revealed on 1 February 2021, the jacket of authors RJ Bathgate & MJ Hall’s …

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