Poets’ Pocket

The art of poetry allures. The crafting and weaving of words into literary verse brings The Whisperers immeasurable pleasure. 

During a time of uncertainty and disquiet, we are running ‘An Invitation … for the love of words!’ to showcase a diverse selection of poetry. From free verse to haikus, sonnets to villanelles, nonsense to acrostics, the style and choice is yours. We choose a poem of the month and the best of the rest (up to three additional pieces). The author of poem of the month becomes Whisper Laureate for that month. We feature all work on our website and social media platforms.

Whisper Laureate Picture 1 (Whisper Publishing)

Join the gathering of poetic, expressive minds – the invitation for July is now open. Take a peek at the guidelines below, scribble away and send your submission(s) to poetspocket@whisperpublishing.co.uk.

 ✍️ The event is open to all. You do not have to follow us on social media, but many thanks if you do. 

 ✍️ You may submit a max of two poems before the deadline. July’s cut-off is Sunday, 28th June at 11:59 p.m. There are no prompts for July entries. 


✍️ Entries must be 250 words or fewer, any style accepted.

✍️ We will edit (including proofreading) chosen poems. If your grammar/spelling etc is incorrect, but integral to the theme/style of your work, please, confirm when submitting.

✍️ If an image accompanies your entry, include a credit/source. We wish to avoid litigious copyright issues. Thank you.


✍️ Each month, we will feature a ‘Poem of the Month’ and up to three further pieces for ‘Poets’ Pocket’ and our social media platforms. We can add your website/blog/social media details and a small bio/photo. (Not obligatory.)

✍️ We ask that you link back to our website/social media, thank you. We appreciate your cooperation and support.

Whisper Laureate Picture 3 (Whisper Publishing)

Many thanks in anticipation of your creativity, enduring passion, and expression. We look forward to seeing your July entries, for the love of words!


The Whisperers

Images: Pixabay and Shutterstock