Whisper’s Frequently Asked Questions

Here, you’ll find our Q and A. This section covers the most common questions.

Traditional, independent or self-publishing?

The choice remains with the author. We do not offer advances (traditional publishing) but are able to help with independent or self-publishing. We offer complimentary benefits as standard for independent publishing.

How do I get my book published
by Whisper Publishing?

Follow the instructions in our submission guidelines.


Do you accept unsolicited manuscripts?


How long does it take to publish a book?

The length of time between submission and publication depends on:

  • Date of submission of the manuscript.
  • Length of review stage.
  • Work required to bring the manuscript to publishing standard.

How much does it cost to have my book published?

Whisper is not a vanity/hybrid publisher and does not charge for the publishing process. We aim to work with our authors and offer certain benefits. However, we are a small independent and do not provide advances. In today’s market, and in line with other publishing companies, we advise our authors to devote time and effort promoting and marketing their work. Although not guaranteed, being proactive could result in a better chance of success. An author must be an entrepreneur.


Do I need an agent?

No. At Whisper Publishing we work directly with our authors, nevertheless, we are happy to work with an agent if you have one.

Who owns the copyright?

Our authors keep the copyright of their work.

How do I know if you have received my submission?

Automatic responders are set up with all email addresses. If, within 24 hours of sending your submission you don’t receive a response, contact us here.

When will you give me a decision?

Once we have your submission, we aim to assess within twelve weeks. Please, be patient. This time frame is dependent on the number of submissions we hold for review. We will respond with a decision once a review has taken place.


If you like my manuscript, what next?

We publish 6–10 manuscripts per year. If we choose yours, we will contact you with the offer of a Publishing Agreement.

Are there any genres you don’t accept?

Yes. Please read submission guidelines for further details.

What royalties will I earn?

We apply a fair royalty structure and offer authors a competitive percentage. Our licence structure is also ambitious—contact us for further details.

  • Digital copies (eBooks)—55% (following all third party deductions).
  • Printed copies—35% (less returns and all third party deductions).
  • The proceeds of any licence granted to another publisher to release a reprint edition of the work—50%.
  • Film/TV rights—90%.