Whisper Laureate—June 2020

Philip John, Whisper Laureate June 2020 (Whisper Publishing)


Last Day on Earth

by Philip John

No sense of occasion or finality,
Just broken minds and aching hearts,
My Earth is beautiful,
But nothing ever lasts.

We made it, you see,
The ones that came down from the trees,
And built a world, it was civilisation.
Who knew then that it would always be,
Its very own downfall and mortality.

And if you want to see it on the final day,
Let me show you,
The finest place in the galaxy,
Where the oceans swallow the sun at night,
Replaced by that silver coin in the sky.
I’ll take you to a land of emerald dreams,
Where born from the smallest acorns,
Oak trees stand tall and endure,
A mighty tomb for the end of a rich life.
From the deserts paved with gold,
To the ravishing glaciers, a heaven to behold.

Then I’ll show you where we made our mark,
The cathedrals of masterpiece,
And the towering works of art.
The castles in my mountains,
A gallery of conquest,
From a long and distant past.

Now that spring has sprung,
And the swallows they have sung,
I’ll take you down to the sandy bay,
‘Neath a cliff touching clouds at the break of day.
When that sun sinks one more time,
You will know of all my love,
For the wonder of my world,
The greatest wonder in all the universe.

© 2020 Philip John

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Stepping Through Caged Lies

by Soulla Christodoulou

Tonight I watched as the belly of summer
Sprinkled time with soft youths’ song
Swiftness came only faster
Graves and ramblers stood tall
As the next girl begged to fly
Stepping through caged lies.

One word followed by another
A moment rippled beyond time
As hours lay side by side
Fit well in the present, not the past
No heaving, no begging, no birth seen
Sang high, flew faster and at speed
His name stood in her throat
Downcast in sadness were her eyes.

© 2020 Soulla Christodoulou

Always With You

by Leah Hudson

I am here, do you feel me? I reside within you.
I am with you always, in everything you do.

I’m the wind in your hair, the sea at your toes.
I’m the beauty of a butterfly, the scent of a rose.

I’m a rainbow, a sunset, a friendly smile.
I’m right here inside you all the while.

I am here, don’t you worry, if ever you fall.
I know when I’m needed, your tears are my call.

I am the sparkle of dew, the stars at night.
I’m a feather in the wake of a raven in flight.

You hear me in laughter and babbling brooks.
I send messages to you in music and books.

You feel my embrace in a warm summer breeze.
I whisper to you in the rustling of leaves.

When doubt casts its shadow, still, I am there.
I am with you always, I am everywhere.

© 2020 Leah Hudson

Romance, couple, crescent moon
Reading Purple Book (Whisper Laureate, Whisper Publishing)
Typewriter (Whisper Laureate, Whisper Publishing)
Pen and ink (Whisper Laureate, Whisper Publishing)

Let Me Be Your Poem

by Bonnie Lee

I am so very tired
Just for today
Could you be the
You the pen and
You the paper
Let me be your poem
Give me your words to say
Place me under the crosswalk of the
Wiehle Meto stop
I will feel
The vibration
As the train pulls away
But not hear myself speak cry or think
Tell me what to say
To that last glistening teardrop
That lingers until
dislodged by a cold finger
Lost ultimately
to a passing drop of rain
Write the words to say goodbye
As the drops combine with the
Downpour and are swept away
If you are the pen you the ink and you
The paper
You will know how to keep me in your hands
Quiet and still
Let me be your poem

© 2020 Bonnie Lee

Images: Pixabay and Shutterstock