About Us

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Our Mission

Accepting submissions in a variety of genres, Whisper Publishing aims to find authors of quality fiction.

Drawing on a wealth of knowledge, we are passionate about our work ethic, combining skill, experience, dedication and drive. We are committed to helping authors achieve success. 

Whisper Publishing, what we do for our authors

As a small independent, we don’t pay advances but do have a competitive royalty structure. Authors are not tied into a lifelong contract and can take advantage of Whisper’s Rule of 12—author benefits to bring a manuscript to publishing standard and help with initial promotion and marketing.

Our knowledge is designed to integrate with an author’s promotion and marketing strategy. We aim to work alongside authors in this challenging, ever-changing literary world. 

Are you an existing or first-time author seeking an independent publisher? If so, we would love to hear from you. Click here to submit your manuscript.